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  • Have you ever wanted to go for a hike, but felt uncomfortable because you weren't sure where to start or what you might see and experience on the trail?  
  • Have you ever wanted to camp under the stars, but opted out because you didn't have a tent or sleeping bag - or suggestions on where to go?  
  • Are you interested in mountain biking, but have never taken a ride because you don't have the right bike, safety equipment or any idea of what trails are best for beginners?  

Our new Experience the Outdoors Program may be the perfect solution for you and your family!

We understand that various barriers stand in the way of people spending quality time in parks. When we remove those barriers, for example, by providing information in more places, waiving parking fees, providing essential gear, and offering translation and transportation assistance, we make everyday park offerings more accessible and welcoming to all San Diegans. 

In his State of the County address, San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher called attention to the need to help families experience parks for the first time.

The Experience the Outdoors Program is our response to that request; we are shining a light on all of the diverse people, parks and park amenities we offer throughout the County by opening up new opportunities to learn about and feel comfortable in parks, while encouraging greater connections with nature.

We have launched three campaigns as part of the Experience the Outdoors Program: 

Each campaign is designed to reach different audiences with some overlap in park staff, locations and partners. Combined, they are poised to provide more barrier-free park experiences than ever before. We are working to meet people where they are; expanding outreach and bridging the gap between curiosity and participation. 

Please download, print and share the informational flyer in your preferred language! 

For more information, or to inquire about becoming an Experience the Outdoors Program partner, contact Jessica Geiszler, Marketing & Public Outreach Manager at    

Current partners include San Diego County Parks Society, Live Well San Diego, San Diego Mountain Biking SocietyREI San Diego and others.

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