'Ride On' Mountain Bikers

Hit the trails for our new Ride On Mountain Biking Challenge! This multi-agency project explores eight popular trails at six County parks and preserves. Ride solo, with a group or with experts at planned meetups.

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), in partnership with the San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA), REI San Diego, the San Diego Parks Society and other agencies and organizations, launched a collaborative project that is the first of its kind in the region. The Ride On Mountain Biking Challenge invites residents to visit new parks, try new bike paths and to sharpen their skills on beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. 

The Challenge can be completed with or without the support of park staff. Monthly meet-ups have been planned to share helpful information and to guide first-timers through some of the region's most popular mountain biking trails. 

Scheduled to take place on the second Saturday of every month beginning at 9 a.m., each expert-led meetup welcomes up to 18 people, ages 8 and above (unless otherwise noted; no unaccompanied youth). Registration and waivers are required, and free bike rentals can be arranged at the time of registration. Details are included in each event flyer. 




Penasquitos Canyon Basic Valley Tour

Los Penasquitos Canyon County Preserve

6 miles; 83 ft. elevation gain

Beg., good for families

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July meetup flyer 


Bonita Valley to Tiki Hut Loop

Sweetwater Summit Regional Park

12 miles; 1,011 ft. elevation gain


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August meetup flyer


Tijuana River Valley Tour 
(route subject to change)

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park

8 miles; 97 ft. elevation gain

Beg., good for families

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September meetup flyer


Otay Valley Loop

Otay Valley Regional Park

8.5 miles; 230 ft. elevation gain


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October meetup flyer


Bonita Valley Loop

Sweetwater Summit Regional Park

9.7 miles; 123 ft. elevation gain

Beg., good for families

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November meetup flyer


Los Penasquitos and Del Mar Mesa

Los Penasquitos Canyon County Preserve

18 miles; 678 ft. elevation gain


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December Meetup Flyer


Goodan Ranch/Sycamore Canyon Loop

Sycamore Canyon Goodan Ranch County Preserve

12 miles; 1,623 ft. elevation gain

Adv. (18+)

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January Meetup Flyer


Santa Ysabel East Loop

Santa Ysabel East County Preserve

15.5 mils, 2,187 ft. elevation gain

Adv. (18+)

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February Meetup Flyer


Accessibility: All Challenge trails welcome e-bikes, providing an extra boost for those who might otherwise struggle with trail incline, surface or difficulty. Rules will be prominently displayed and shared. Learn more about DPR’s e-bike policy.

Inclusivity: Don't have a bike? No problem! Book one when you make your reservation at least three days in advance of the event. REI San Diego has all the gear you need for your ride, and they'll bring it to the event. NOTE: The minimum bike height available is 5' x 2".   

Safety: Helmets will be required for all guided rides. If riders do not have helmets, they may request them at the time of registration, based on availability. Participants will need to prove their mountain bike (personal or borrowed) is in good working order and can be taken on uneven, rocky, sandy and otherwise challenging terrain. Bikes must have the correct treaded knobby tires and working gears and brakes. SDMBA and REI San Diego staff and volunteers will be on site to assist. 

Responsibility: Trail etiquette will be enforced;  watch this video to learn how to be a responsible trail user. 

Rewards: Meetup attendees will receive a collectable sticker and a pair of bright, “Ride On” athletic socks. Visitors who partake in the challenge outside of scheduled meetups can still request a collectible sticker at participating parks’ ranger stations.

This series is part of the County’s overarching Experience the Outdoors Program, championed by San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher. Other components of the Experience the Outdoors Program include the Rad Regional Parks event series and the  Parks 101 First-timer Series. Learn more at

For more information, please contact Jessica Geiszler, Marketing & Public Outreach Manager for DPR, at or Susie Murphy, Executive Director of SDMBA, at

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