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Public Review Documents

Below are projects that are currently open for public review and comment. 


The Tijuana River Valley Needs and Opportunities Assessment (NOA) Report provides a comprehensive review and assessment of potential management strategies to address transboundary flows of sewage, trash, and sediment into the Tijuana River Valley located within the United States (U.S.). The NOA Report is intended to provide information and guide decisions on the future implementation of projects to reduce impacts on the Tijuana River Valley from the transboundary flows. The NOA Report includes an analysis of existing transboundary flow water quality conditions and management practices, a needs assessment and data gap analysis, potential proposed projects, evaluation of proposed project alternatives benefits and costs, and project recommendations.

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Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch Preserve Resource Management Plan Update

The County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is currently updating the Preserve’s Resource Management Plan, along with its supporting Vegetation Management Plan and Public Access Plan, which include approximately 15 miles of trails (both existing and new trails) dedicated to multi-use routes for hikers, mountain bikers, e-bikers, and horseback riders. Plans for the Preserve include the retention of existing trails, rerouting or modifications to existing trails, the formal addition of new trails, and restoration of some informal trails or existing impacted areas that are not part of the formal trail system. This would allow County DPR to continue maintaining and expanding recreational and resource preservation opportunities within the Preserve.

Written comments regarding the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration should be directed to Emily Pacholski, Project Manager, County of San Diego, Department of Parks and Recreation, 5500 Overland Avenue, Suite 410, San Diego, California 92123 or CountyParksCEQA@sdcounty.ca.gov and must be received no later than August 21, 2023 (public review period July 21, 2023 – August 21, 2023). Please contact Emily Pacholski, Project Manager at (619) 539-4294 or emily.pacholski1@sdcounty.ca.gov to schedule an appointment to review a hard copy of the document in person.


2023 Sycamore Canyon Goodan Ranch County Preserve Resource Management Plan

  • Appendix A – Management Directives and Implementation Summary
  • Appendix B – 2008 Baseline Biological Survey
  • Appendix C – 2013 Baseline Biological Survey
  • Appendix D – 2018 Baseline Biological Survey
  • Appendix E – 2020 Baseline Biological Survey
  • Appendix F – 2021 Baseline Biological Survey
  • Appendix G – 2008 Cultural Resources Survey
  • Appendix H – 2012 Cultural Resources Survey
  • Appendix I – 2016 Cultural Resources Survey
  • Appendix J – 2019 Cultural Resources Survey - Southern Parcel
  • Appendix K – 2023 Cultural Resources Inventory Assessment for the PAP
  • Appendix L – 2019 Cultural Resources Survey - San Vicente
  • Appendix M – Sycamore Canyon Goodan Ranch County Preserve Vegetation Management Plan
  • Appendix N – Sycamore Canyon Goodan Ranch County Preserve Public Access Plan

Sycamore Canyon Goodan Ranch County Preserve RMP Update Public Review Draft ISMND with Appendices

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