Annual Budget Information

Welcome to the budget information page for the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation. Here, we’ve compiled key statistics to explain how resources are allocated to various parks and recreation projects. These documents will be updated annually. 

The Department of Parks and Recreation is part of the Land Use and Environment Group, within County of San Diego government.

Here's a link to our 2024-25 Recommended Budget Infographic.

  • Below are screenshots of the graphics pulled from the interactive website. To see them in higher resolution, please visit the abovementioned link.  
  • You can also download and view the pdf version.

Visit the LUEG Website to view budget info for other departments. 

DPR Infographic Header
DPR Infographic header 2
DPR Infographic Part 1
DPR Infographic Part 2
DPR Infographic Part 3
DPR Infographic Part 4
DPR Infographic Part 5
DPR Infographic Part 6
DPR Infographic Part 7
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