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Women in the Wild

Women in the Wild is a program that is designed to teach outdoor skills in a fun, nurturing and non-competitive environment. Experiences are educational and interactive – building confidence and a sense of community while fostering new appreciation for our region’s parks, preserves and diverse recreational opportunities.

Our mission is to encourage women to spend more time in nature through education, training and experiences that empower them to make outdoor recreation a way of life.

Our vision is to bring women closer to nature, and to each other, through recreation, collaboration and accomplishment.

Research shows women are interested, and see value, in outdoor experiences, but various barriers stand in their way of spending as much time in nature as men*. The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation is reversing that trend.

Women in the Wild experiences are planned for women, by female staff members and partners. With events ranging from backpacking to bouldering and hiking to camping, we're opening new avenues for conversation, connection and collaboration.

Take a risk, tackle a trail, show society what it looks like to play like a girl… Join us as we embark on this adventure together!

As new events are finalized, we'll list them below as well as on our Facebook page.

Upcoming Events:

Progressive Hiking Series with Women in the Wild

*Learn more:

  • Outdoor Participation Report, 2018: Outdoor Foundation
  • “Are Experiences for Women Making the Outdoors More Inclusive?”, Jan. 9, 2019: REI
  • “We Hear You, Ladies”, April 11, 2017: Outside Online
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