4S Ranch Heritage Park

16000 4S Ranch Pkwy., San Diego, CA  92127
Park: (858) 673-3990 
Hours: Sunrise – sunset , daily

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Located near Del Norte High School, 4S Ranch Heritage Park is a great spot flying kites or lounging under the shade. This park features two playgrounds (one gated for small children), picnic areas, half basketball courts and walking paths across over 5 acres of suburban open space.   

Organized activities, including youth sports and after school programs, are not allowed at this location. Moon bounces are also not permitted.

NOTE: Recently, the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation has received several inquiries about plans to add an off-leash dog area to 4S Ranch Heritage Park. However, there are no plans to add an off-leash dog park to 4S Ranch Heritage Park. Confusion may be coming from public meetings we’ve held to add an off-leash dog area to a park with a very similar name: Four Gee Park. The Four Gee property is currently an empty parcel in the Ranch Santa Fe area and it is not set to open until Summer/Fall 2021. Community input is a key factor in deciding where new parks and major park improvements are made. If you have questions about the planning process or would like to discuss potential updates to parks in the 4S Ranch area, please contact Region Manager Brandon Schroeder at Brandon.Schroeder@sdcounty.ca.gov.

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2021 4S Ranch Area Parks Map V0

4S Ranch Heritage Park is one of six parks in this area. Here is a map showing this park and others.

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