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Lindo Lake Improvements (Phase 1, East Basin)

Lindo Lake in Lakeside, is the only natural lake in the County of San Diego and was originally fed by Quail Creek. In the 1960’s a dam was constructed on Quail Creek upstream of Lindo Lake which severed natural water flow into the lake. Stormwater and urban runoff from the hillsides surrounding Lindo Lake became its primary source of water and water quality has deteriorated over the years.

The Lindo Lake Improvements project will improve the lake by removing years of sediment, increasing the lake depth, restoring the surrounding habitat. The project will also construct improved trails, birdwatching stations and fishing piers.

Lake restoration will be completed in two phases: Phase 1 will restore the east basin and Phase 2 will restore the west basin of Lindo Lake. Phase 1/east basin work will begin construction in winter 2019-2020 and be completed in summer 2021. Phase I is funded at a total project cost of $7,525,000.

For more information, contact Senior Park Project Manager Bill Saumier at 858-966-1344 or by e-mail at

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