Youth Sports, Meet Fox Sports

We’re proud to announce a new partnership between the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation and Fox Sports San Diego. Dollars generated through this new partnership support things like capital improvements, park updates and other high-priority projects that benefit local recreation and preservation efforts.

County Parks works year-round to provide opportunities for memorable park experiences. We invest in projects that promote healthy, safe and thriving communities while helping to foster a sense of pride in the neighborhoods that surround our parks and preserves. Sponsors serve a key role in this process, by contributing resources that can help us achieve our goals. 

“Partnerships, like the one with Fox Sports San Diego, allow us to earmark additional funds for facility upgrades – things that encourage people to take notice, head outside and get active in County Parks,” said Brian Albright, Director, County Parks. “We are excited about this new business venture, and look forward to seeing them at future little league events.”

The agreement with Fox Sports San Diego spans seven youth sports facilities across the County including 4S Ranch, Cactus Park Ballfields, Lakeside Ballfields, Rios Canyon Ballfields, Sweetwater Ballfields, Sweetwater Lane Sports Complex and Tijuana River Valley Ballfields. One sign will be affixed at each location, along with seasonal banners.

“Supporting our local youth sports, and in particular our local little league organizations, is so important to us at FOX Sports,” said Megan Tolley, Marketing Director, FOX Sports San Diego. “We’re thrilled to be able to partner with the County of San Diego in such a way that helps ensure safe and well-maintained youth sports facilities for our incredible community to enjoy year-round.”

If you have questions, or would like to learn about naming rights opportunities and sponsorships with County Parks, contact Jessica Geiszler at 858-966-9992 or

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