Kudos to Marketing

In July, County Parks won the National Recreation and Park Association’s (NRPA) Kudos Marketing Award. This is a big win for the team, and for all of the branding efforts that have been launched over the past year.

The award nomination focused on new logos, upgrades to the department’s social media channels, a video series highlighting parks in South County, realized opportunities for revenue generation to support ongoing park maintenance and programming, newsletters and other outgoing messages. Also mentioned was the build of the new and improved County Parks website.

Only 11 individuals and agencies received awards, and DPR won the only marketing award. Some 7,000 nominations were submitted for NRPA’s 2016 National Award program.

NRPA National Awards are presented to individuals and agencies to honor their efforts — both professional and personal — in the field of parks and recreation. Recipients are selected by the Awards & Scholarship Committee and are chosen for excellence in a variety of topics, including professional and voluntary service, programming, leadership, research and public outreach (marketing).

Additional information can be found on

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