Park Updates

Every once in a while we close a park for maintenance or to add a new amenity. Below is an alphabetical list of open projects and/or park closures - please review this list or call ahead before heading out to your favorite park, and check back for updates.

The following areas are closed for your safety and/or to maintain the health of our trails: 

All County Day-Use and Regional Parks: County Parks are open year-round, however, per policy C-7, parking lot gates, park offices and restrooms will be closed on Dec. 25. All sites remain open to foot, horse and bike traffic. In addition, campgrounds remain open and will be in full operation with available parking, restrooms and staffed park offices on Dec. 25. 

All County Campgrounds: In conjunction with the County’s water-conservation measures, coin-operated shower fixtures have been installed at the following campgrounds: Agua Caliente, Vallecito, Dos Picos, William Heise, Guajome Regional, Sweetwater Summit, Potrero and Lake Morena. Fixtures take quarters and cost 50 cents for 4 minutes of shower time. Quarters are available at the Ranger stations. 

Some Parks/Preserves: In an effort to treat trees infected with the Goldspotted Oak Borer, we will be spraying chemicals at some parks. Closures will be in effect while spraying is taking place. 

4S Ranch: We’re updating the tot-lot playground at 4S Ranch Community Park. For this reason, the playground will be closed Feb. 14 through 23, unless otherwise noted. For more information, call 858-673-3990.

Borrego Springs: The community of Borrego Springs will soon have a new, 16-acre park. View the FAQ sheet based on several community meetings for additional information. A groundbreaking event took place Oct. 21 - watch the video! This project is slated for completion late 2018/early 2019 and will take place in conjunction with the build of a new library and Sheriff's station.

Boulder Oaks County Preserve: County Parks staff have been preparing a public access plan for Boulder Oaks County Preserve in Ramona, which includes a planned trail system. An open house showcasing this trail system and how it fits into the overarching public access plan was held Wednesday, Sept. 13 at the Ramona Library. Seventy people attended. We continue to seek grant funds, and we look forward to implementing the recreational opportunities presented, as new funds become available. Click HERE to view the PDF of the planned trail system.

Guajome Regional Park: The Guajome Regional Park campground improvements project is set to take place Fall 2017 to Spring 2018. The project will be conducted in two phases; Phase I will close campsites 13-35 from Oct. 2, 2017 to Jan. 10, 2018. Phase II will close campsites 1-12 from Jan. 11, 2018 to March 31, 2018.

Heritage Park: Get info on the Juan Street Improvements Project, coordinated by the City of San Diego, at or contact the City of San Diego at (619) 533-4207 or at

Hilton Head County Park: The ball field at Hilton Head County Park will be closed beginning July 5, 2017 for the installation of a new synthetic turf athletic field. The west side of the park, which includes the parking lot, restrooms, pavilions, playgrounds and basketball courts, will remain open during this time. Expected completion is winter 2018. For more information, call 858-565-3600.

Lake Morena County Park: The water system at Lake Morena County Park is currently under restrictions. All water-related facilities (sinks, showers, toilets, etc.) are functioning, however, you should not drink the water unless it is boiled. We recommend bringing your own drinking water. Staff are working on the issue. For more information, call the park at 619-579-4101.  

Lakeside Community Center + Lindo Lake County Park: We are open for business! Please bear with us as we improve our parking lots and walkways. The west portion of the Lakeside Community Center parking lot - along Vine Street - is under construction; parking is still available in the north portion of the parking lot - along Lakeshore Drive - and alternate walking pathways have been identified. ADA parking and access points are available just south of the Lakeside Library. The parking lot near the ball field at Lindo Lake County Park is closed for a water quality improvement project; parking is available inside Lindo Lake County Park. Call 619-443-9176 for more information.

Lakeside River Trail: The Lakeside River Park organization is making improvements to the Lakeside River Trail. The estimated timeframe is between March 20 and 27. While equipment is on site, and crews are working, the trail may be limited to pedestrian traffic. Safety is a priority at County Parks - please obey all posted signs.

Lindo Lake County Park: We're improving the pathways at Lindo Lake! Construction begins March 5, 2018. During this time, some paths may be closed. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve your park experience.

Lindo Lake County Park: The quality of the water in Lindo Lake is important to us. To this end, we're preparing and completing plans for a full restoration of both basins in the lake - to include dredging and deepening of the basins, better filtration of the water that enters the lake, and the addition of new native plants and landscaping that can further filter debris. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work to improve the area for all living things.

Lindo Lake County Park: Toxins from algae are present in the water of Lindo Lake. Per County Ordinance 41.132, swimming, bathing and boating are prohibited. For your safety, and for the safety of your pets, please do not let pets go into or drink the water, eat fish from the water, or use water for drinking or cooking. Thank you for your cooperation. For more information, call 858-966-1330.

San Elijo Lagoon and Ecological Reserve:

  • The I-5 East Trail and Pole Road Trail will be closed during a construction project that begins Jan. 17, 2017. While the project is taking place, Annie’s Canyon Trail will only be accessible via the Rios and Holmwood trailheads (Solana Hills, Canyon and East Basin are closed). For more information, call the park at 760-634-3026.   
  • The San Elijo Joint Powers Authority is replacing land outfall pipeline for th elocal communities of Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, and Escondido. This project will protect the environment by impriving local water infrastructure, and is slated for completion by March 2018. 

Santa Ysabel East Preserve: The east preserve will be closed to the public on Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25 for a private event. During this time, public access will be prohibited. For more information, call 760-765-4098.

Steele Canyon County Park: We're making improvements to Steele Canyon! Construction is scheduled to start mid-November 2017 and will continue through mid-April 2018. Please obey all posted signs and avoid closed areas. Your cooperation ensures a safe park experience for all. 

Sweetwater Summit Regional Park and Campground: For five weeks beginning Monday, April 16, we will be conducting major maintenance on the 159,000-gallon water supply tank. A smaller temporary tank will be installed during the construction period. Please conserve water during this time, and check back for updates or look for signs in the park. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch: On Jan. 24, 2018, County Parks hosted the first of several community meetings on the public access plan for Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch. Feedback was received and will continue to be collected. Refer to the following maps for more information, or contact Melanie Tylke via email or at 858-966-1377. 

Sycuan/Sloan Canyon: In March, County Parks hosted a public workshop to explore trail alignment options for a new community trail that will ultimately travel from Willow Glen Drive to Beaver Hollow Road near Dehesa Road and Sloan Canyon Road (in Dehesa). Here is a summary of public comments.

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park: In December 2016, County Parks hosted a public meeting at the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park ranger station. The purpose was to discuss the results of a feasibility that could bring new amenities to the valley, pending available funding, including campgrounds, a community garden extension, enhanced multi-use trails, a bike park and new equestrian areas, among other ideas. Projects will be discussed in further detail once funding sources have been identified and secured. Here is a recap of key points. For more information, contact Melanie Tylke.     

Vallecito County Park: The water system at Vallecito County Park is currently under restrictions. All water-related facilities (sinks, showers, toilets, etc.) are functioning, however, you should not drink the water unless it is boiled. We recommend bringing your own drinking water. Staff are working on the issue. For more information, call the park at 760-765-1188.  

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