Park Updates

Every once in a while we close a park for maintenance or to add a new amenity. Below is an alphabetical list of open projects and/or park closures - please review this list or call ahead before heading out to your favorite park, and check back for updates.

Temporary Closures


General Updates

Hours: County Parks are open year-round, however, per policy C-7, parking lot gates, park offices and restrooms will be closed on Dec. 25. All sites remain open to foot, horse and bike traffic. In addition, campgrounds remain open and will be in full operation with available parking, restrooms and staffed park offices on Dec. 25. 

Showers: In conjunction with the County’s water-conservation measures, coin-operated shower fixtures have been installed at the following campgrounds: Agua Caliente, Vallecito, Dos Picos, William Heise, Guajome Regional, Sweetwater Summit, Potrero and Lake Morena. Fixtures take quarters and cost 50 cents for 4 minutes of shower time. Quarters are available at the Ranger stations. 

Rodenticides: Rodenticides are a mitigation measure. Certain rodents, namely gophers and ground squirrels, present a risk to park infrastructure and users in developed areas , such as active recreational sites, picnic areas and campgrounds. Tunnels and holes created by rodents can undermine improvements such as sidewalks, trails and pathways, and holes and mounds of dirt created as a result of tunneling activity present a tripping hazard for park users, rendering areas unsafe. The use of rodenticides by County Parks is conducted following all County, State and Federal policies, rules, regulations, laws, labels and administrative procedures. The work is performed by private trained pest control businesses/licensed applicators. Applicators seek to minimize potential exposure to other species. The treatment for gophers is applied underground in their tunnels and the treatment for squirrels uses enclosed bait stations.  Both methods minimize the potential for access from other animals. County Parks does not use rodenticides in non-public use areas of parks or in open space areas.


Park Updates and Planned Closures

4S Ranch: We’re updating the tot-lot playground at 4S Ranch Community Park. Parts of the playground may be closed during this time. For more information, call 858-673-3990.

Clemmens Lane County Park: We're making improvements to Clemmens Lane this summer and fall! Improvements include adding a single-unit restroom structure, converting the volleyball court to a practice soccer field, adding soccer goals, and fence padding - funded by a Federal Community Development Block Grant. Initial work will start mid-June and the park will be closed for two days. The park will reopen to the public, with the exception of the volleyball court, through July 9, 2018. The park will then re-close July 9 to Oct. 31 to complete all remaining improvements. For more information, call the nearby Live Oak Park office at 760-728-2303 or 858-966-1347.

Eucalyptus Park: The upper sections of Eucalytpus Park will be closed for construction beginning July, 2018. Diuring this time, the upper entrance parking area and restrooms will be closed. Access to the upper playground and patio will also be limited. We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to utilize the playground, parking area and picnic areas in the lower park, while we work to imprive your park experience. Expected completion is winter 2019.

Guajome Regional Park: Pardon the dust while we work to improve the campground! Completion is earmarked for end of July 2018. For more information, contact the park at 760-724-4489. 

Heritage Park: Get info on the Juan Street Improvements Project, coordinated by the City of San Diego, at or contact the City of San Diego at 619-533-4207 or at

Lake Morena County Park: The water system at Lake Morena County Park is currently under restrictions. All water-related facilities (sinks, showers, toilets, etc.) are functioning, however, you should not drink the water unless it is boiled. We recommend bringing your own drinking water. Staff are working on the issue. For more information, call the park at 619-579-4101.  

Lake Morena County Park: Due to low water levels, the boat dock at Lake Morena is closed. You may still rent a boat on site, but personal watercraft that requires a boat ramp is not being permitted at this time (kayaks, canoes and float tubes that can be carried are approved). Check back for future updates.

Lakeside River Trail: The Lakeside River Park organization is making improvements to the Lakeside River Trail. While equipment is on site, and crews are working, the trail may be limited to pedestrian traffic. Safety is a priority at County Parks - please obey all posted signs.

Lindo Lake County Park: 

  • We're improving the pathways at Lindo Lake! Some walkways may be closed during this process - please obey all posted signs.
  • We're renovating the restroom at Lindo Lake! Fencing has been installed around the perimeter while work is taking place. The restroom is scheduled to reopen in August. 
  • The quality of the water in Lindo Lake is important to us. To this end, we're preparing and completing plans for a full restoration of both basins in the lake - to include dredging and deepening of the basins, better filtration of the water that enters the lake, and the addition of new native plants and landscaping that can further filter debris. 
  • Toxins from algae are present in the water of Lindo Lake. Per County Ordinance 41.132, swimming, bathing and boating are prohibited. For your safety, and for the safety of your pets, please do not let pets go into or drink the water, eat fish from the water, or use water for drinking or cooking. Thank you for your cooperation. For more information, call 858-966-1330.

San Elijo Lagoon and Ecological Reserve: The I-5 East Trail and Pole Road Trail will be closed during a construction project that begins Jan. 17, 2017. While the project is taking place, Annie’s Canyon Trail is open but will only be accessible via the Rios and Holmwood trailheads (Solana Hills, Canyon and East Basin are closed). For more information, call the park at 760-634-3026.   

Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch: Improving the County’s 350+ mile trail system is a priority for the San Diego County Department of Parks and Recreation, and efforts to expand trail access are balanced by efforts to preserve sensitive habitats and culturally significant areas. Over the years, a number of unauthorized trails have appeared in Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch County Preserve. These trails negatively affect these areas and can cause harm to plants, animals and other resources. You may notice signs and other barricades blocking access to these unauthorized trails. Please stay on trail and only in authorized areas as we work to protect this urban oasis. To learn more about the Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch public access plan, please visit

Vallecito County Park: The water system at Vallecito County Park is currently under restrictions. All water-related facilities (sinks, showers, toilets, etc.) are functioning, however, you should not drink the water unless it is boiled. We recommend bringing your own drinking water. Staff are working on the issue. For more information, call the park at 760-765-1188.  


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