Lakeside Equestrian Park

The Lakeside Equestrian Park, to be located on a 13.88-acre site at the northeast corner of Moreno Avenue and Willow Road in the community of Lakeside, will host a variety of equestrian and livestock related activities such as practices, training, and contests, including shows, and non-equestrian events such as wedding receptions and dog shows. The park will likely be open from sunrise to sunset, and until 10 p.m. for large events.

A typical equestrian event would likely draw between 50 and 125 attendees, with large events attracting as many as 300 (spectators and participants). The large events are anticipated to take place a few times each year.

Community members, equestrians and visitors will enjoy many amenities including a covered arena, an open arena, a maintenance building, concession building, restroom building and 3,200 square-foot banquet hall, a public day-use staging area with a 24-foot x 24-foot shade pavilion with picnic tables with parking and ADA access, livestock corrals, and many other site improvements. See conceptual rendering.

Visitors will access the facility from two driveways: A main entrance on north end on Moreno Avenue near the open arena and the day-use trail staging area on the south end of Moreno Avenue. During large events, the day-use area will be closed and the interior gate opened for overflow parking. Additional detail on the project amenities can be found in the  project narrative.

County Parks will contract with a third-party lessee/operator for managing daily operations and maintaining the equestrian park. One supervising park ranger will be available and there will be one point of contact from the County who will act as a liaison between the County and the property lessee/operator. 

Watch the video from the groundbreaking event.

Construction Updates:


County Parks and Recreation staff continue to work closely with Hazard Construction to secure the permits and approvals that are needed to move this project forward, and have made significant headway. The County's Planning and Development Services  team has reviewed the project’s grading documents and requested modifications, which the design consultant is addressing. Additionally, project plans have been presented to Helix Water District as they have a utility easement on site for their approval. Finally, the City of San Diego owns a parcel of land along Moreno Avenue that separates the project site from the street frontage. County Parks and Recreation has appleid for a Right of Entry Agreement to allow us to access the project site from two proposed driveway locations off Moreno. 


The Lakeside Equestrian Park is on track for completion in early 2022. While it may not look like anything is happening on the surface, the offices of County Parks and Recreation and Hazard Construction are buzzing with activity. The property is multijurisdictional; the County of San Diego owns the land where the park will be built, and the City of San Diego owns the land along Moreno Avenue, where the park will be accessed. Helix and Lakeside Water Districts have water lines beneath the two properties, so efforts are underway to ensure they are protected. The team is also coordinating Right of Entry permits, and utility and permanent easements, on the City parcel. Other processes in play include coordination with Lakeside Water District for water, SDG&E for electric and gas, San Diego County Sanitation District for sewer connections, and next-step permitting through the County Departments of Planning and Development Services, Land Development Services, Public Works and Public Health.

It’s a complex project with lots of moving parts and players, but County Parks and Recreation and Hazard Construction are jointly managing all of the steps and milestones along the way, and things are moving forward. That said, the site has already been cleared and is ready for grading as soon as those protections, easements and permits are in place. From there, installation of utilities and other infrastructure will commence, followed by the construction of structures and on-site amenities.

For more information about the construction project please contact Park Project Manager Ieszic Formeller by email at

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