Women's Month 2021

Women’s Month celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – challenging biases and misconceptions to create a more inclusive, gender-equal world.

As such, throughout the month of March, we will be celebrating women who work, and have worked, with our department – from the first female park ranger to the first female director, and all of the interesting jobs in between. The parks and recreation industry is changing, and more women than ever before are seeking careers with departments just like ours.

We hope you will visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn about what they do, how they got there, and what advice they have for next-generation park ambassadors.

Below are some of the stellar women who work for our team. Click in to see the original Facebook post.

Week of March 1

  • Susan Hector
    Susan Hector, First Female Director
  • Allison Lee
    Allison Lee, Park Ranger
  • Danni Cardiff
    Danni Cardiff, Park Ranger

Week of March 8

  • Christine Lafontant
    Christine Lafontant, Region Manager
  • Aimee Leighton
    Aimee Leighton, Principal Administrative Analyst
  • Martha Harville
    Martha Harville, Park Ranger

Week of March 15

  • Stephanie Kopplin
    Stephanie Kopplin, Park Project Manager
  • Hannah Reynolds
    Hannah Reynolds, Recreation Program Coordinator
  • Thelma Samsioe
    Thelma Samsioe, First Female Park Ranger

Week of March 22

  • Jen Sabo Spencer
    Jen Sabo Spencer, Park Project Manager
  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez, Senior Park Ranger
  • Stivani Yahya
    Stivani Yahya, Park Maintenance Worker
  • Anna Prowant
    Anna Prowant, Land Use/Environmental Planner

Week of March 29

  • Belen Castillo
    Belén Castillo, Park Ranger
  • Beth Dirksen
    Beth Dirksen, Park Ranger
  • Cinthea Pasek
    Cinthea Pasek, Supervising Park Ranger
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