Happy Hawktober

We’re back with 14 events at parks across San Diego, where you can meet live birds of prey like hawks, owls and falcons – thanks to expert staff, rehabilitated raptors and a vibrant animal ambassador program.

Now several years running, Hawktober is a month-long celebration of our fearless feathered friends… Get to know Turbo, our Peregrine Falcon – the fastest animal alive – and Penelope, our Ferruginous Hawk, the largest in North America. Mutaah, our Great Horned Owl, is the only owl that actually hoots. Violet, our American Kestrel, is small and sweet in appearance, but looks can be deceiving because she will eat other birds!

With rangers at the helm and as their handlers, these unique workshops will teach you what raptors look like up close, where they live, what they eat, how they hunt and what other survival mechanisms they’ve developed over time, to help them thrive.

Different birds may be featured at different locations, so we encourage you to visit more than one demonstration. 


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You can also catch the virtual series we ran in 2020 on Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Small Birds of Prey.

When you visit any of these parks and preserves, you can pick up your very own limited-edition set of Hawktober trading cards! Each includes a picture, and fun stats like their length, weight, wingspan and adaptations for success in the wild.  


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