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Creating a Safe Digital Space with SD Nights

Since 2017, SD Nights has provided a safe environment for teens to recreate during critical hours. Short for Safe Destination Nights, the program was designed to equip teens with essential life skills through various activities, while simultaneously empowering them to make a difference in their communities.

In 2019, the program hosted 191 events for over 10,000 participants in 22 locations. COVID-19 has required us to change the way we run the program, so instead of live events in parks, we’ve revamped the program to make it virtual. SD Nights will be holding Facebook Live events and Zoom meetings online, with interactive activities, games, classes and conversations designed especially for teens – with add-on content to promote health and wellness.

*All SD Nights VIP Events are free for youth ages 10-18. RSVP required for all events; contact Carl McCullough at 619-961-0159 or for more info.

April Calendar of Events (English/Spanish)

  • Friday, April 9 at 4:30 p.m.
    Virtual Cooking Class

    View the flyer: English/Spanish and follow the event on Facebook
    Join our Virtual Cooking Class where our LEAD Squad Staff will guide you through a recipe you can prepare at home! This class kicks off  with yoga exercises to promote fitness, physical health and focus. Reserve your spot to secure free ingredients that will be delivered to your home. Click here to RSVP.
  • Friday, April 16 at 5 p.m.
    "Spin the Wheel" Game Night

    View the flyer: English/Spanish and follow the event on Facebook
    Wheeling like a winner? Okay, our puns are terrible, but this digital take on a classic game is perfect for your next virtual event! This game is as simple as it sounds. Spin the Wheel and ring in your guess for where you think it will land. Score the most points at the end of each round and you win! The game has four rounds, and participants will have a chance to win $50 each round! The event will start with a presentation from the San Diego Humane Society. Click here to RSVP.
  • Friday, April 23 at 5 p.m.
    Murder Mystery Game Night

    View the flyer: English/Spanish and follow the event on Facebook
    Our virtual mysteries provide a one-of-a-kind online experience where participants will interact with live suspects, hoping to successfully solve a crime. The suspense begins when guests enter the virtual scene where a murder has occurred. Soon after, our host will manage formal introductions so you can meet the guests and potential suspects. As the event progresses, the diabolical plot thickens, and shameful secrets and motives emerge! Before the killer event begins, participants will be treated to a quick presentation from San Diego Community College. Click here to RSVP.
  • Friday, April 30 at 5 p.m.
    Virtual Paint Night

    View the flyer: English/Spanish and follow the event on Facebook
    Are you ready to paint? Mix primary colors to make your own masterpiece in this unique art class led by a local artist. The event will begin with a drug awareness video from and a discussion on alternative activities that make people happy and are considered their “Natural High”. Click here to RSVP.

Wellness Wednesdays
Join the SD Nights team for a new virtual wellness series designed especially for teens, called Wellness Wednesdays. Popular fitness activities are offered in 30-minute programs, for a quick workout and social connection. Classes are free but spots are limited. Register in advance. All SD Nights Wellness Wednesdays events are free for youth ages 10-18. Info/RSVP to Carl McCullough at 619-961-0159 or

  • Virtual Boxing Class: Wednesdays, 5 - 5:30 p.m. (View the flyer: English/Spanish)
    This boxing class is open to all fitness levels. You will experience a fast-paced, high-energy, action packed cardio workout designed to get you in shape and help you reach your fitness goals fast! Instructors utilize agility, boxing combinations, FUNctional training that will propel you into shape while giving you a bit of self-defense. Click here to RSVP.
  • Virtual Strength & Conditioning Class: Wednesdays, 5 - 5:30 p.m. (View the flyer: English/ Spanish)
    Join our strength and condition class that is designed to incorporate HIIT, strength and bodyweight drills to get your heart rate up. Each class will begin with a warm-up, feature various calisthenics and strength and conditioning exercises and finish with core work and stretches. An experienced fitness instructor will lead the class and bring a strong level of enthusiasm, leadership and responsibility to their task. Participants will end each class with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Click here to RSVP.
  • Virtual Yoga Class: Wednesdays, 5:30 - 6 p.m. (View the flyer: English/Spanish)
    Yoga is an ancient practice from India that includes natural body movements, mindful breathing, concentration, and connection to our-selves, one another and nature. The goal is to let your body’s wisdom guide you into a state of balance and harmony. All you’ll need is a little bit of space to move around in and comfortable clothing. Classes are led by Josie Duraso, who has been teaching yoga for 6 years. She started her work as a high school educator teaching science along with yoga. She is passionate about wellness, building community, nature and being a forever student. Click here to RSVP.

DIY Ugly Holiday Sweater
SD Nights Lead Squad member Makena demonstrates how to make an ugly holiday sweater with supplies you can find around your home! Click here to follow along.

DIY Mobile
SD Nights LEAD squad member Makena W. is back with another DIY activity! In this video, she demonstrates how to make a mobile to hang around the house. Click here to check it out.

Previous livestreams:

Friday, July 17: Virtual Magic Show on Facebook Live

NOTE: There is no cost to attend. All are welcome, though some events have maximum capacities and require advance registration. Check back for updates and to see new programs as they’re added to the agenda. For more information, contact Carl McCullough at (619) 961-0159 or

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