Reservations Refreshed

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation launched its first online reservation system nearly two decades ago. Cutting edge for 2003, the system allowed customers to book classes, camps and campsites online, without the assistance of a reservation agent. It worked for a small agency with limited offerings... 

County Parks has grown leaps and bounds since then – with new parks and activity listings, and tens of thousands of new customers. In fact, we’ve expanded so much, we’ve outgrown our first reservation system and are ready to adopt another...  

Built on a robust web platform called CIVICREC, the new site will have a modern look and feel with enhanced navigation, faster search, improved content and a more streamlined checkout process. It will be easy to access from any device – with the option to sign in directly or through Facebook – and will give registrants more control over their transactions with regard to edits, transfers and cancellations. 

“We’re really excited about this project!” said Sean O’Neill, reservation system project manager and Information Technology Analyst for County Parks. “We look forward to the customer service enhancements we’ll be able to provide to our customers with the new site. All of the processes are more efficient – from the search filters to the shopping cart.” 

Existing customer accounts and bookings will carry over to the new platform, however customers will need to create new logins when the system goes live. In the interim, customers are encouraged to log into the existing site to verify their contact information.   

We look forward to sharing this next-generation reservation technology with you in Spring 2019! 

Please stay tuned for updates. For more information, email Sean O’Neill.

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