Parks and Recreation Champion Awards

July is Parks and Recreation month, and in the spirit of environmental stewardship and promoting healthy, active lifestyles, the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is proud to celebrate with a special signature event: The Parks and Recreation Champion Awards.

View highlights from the 2016 Park Champion Awards event.

Recipients of Parks and Recreation Champion Awards are people who have made a difference in local parks, preserves and community programs, throughout the County of San Diego. This is an opportunity to celebrate the selfless efforts of individuals who strive to bring positive change to the world around them. Viewing their successes prompts others to take action, for the benefit of all.

Candidates for the annual Parks and Recreation Champion Awards program may be individuals, community leaders or representatives who meet the following criteria:

  • Live and work in San Diego County (efforts submitted cannot be a part of one’s job)
  • Have a proven track record of outstanding volunteer service and success
  • Work hard (and well) to bring an idea of program to reality that can improve the quality of life for a particular group or the full community
  • Be an advocate for local parks, regional preserves, recreational programming and/or outdoor education
  • Be a leader who motivates people and inspires others to act, who can serve as a spokesperson for initiatives that support parks, preserves, recreation and education
  • Rally behind programs that promote sustainability and conservation

San Diego County is home to a diverse network of parks, preserves, waterways, community centers, playgrounds and cultural and historic sites. This breadth of year-round amenities, bolstered by a consistently pleasant climate, attracts some 34 million tourists every year. Plans are always in play to enhance our region’s recreational offerings, and local parks and recreation teams rely on volunteers and park advocates to take those efforts to the next level.

Say “thank you” to a local hero through your nomination of the next Parks and Recreation Champion.

View and share the 2017 Flyer!

View the 2017 Nomination Packet.

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